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Gepubliceerd op: 07 september 2020

De boeken van de maand september zijn:

'Diary of a Wimpy kid' van Jeff Kinney en 'Dork diaries' van Rachel Renée Russel.

Diary of a Wimpy kid:
Let me get something straight: this is a JOURNAL, not a diary. This was Mom's idea, not mine. But if she thinks I''m going to write down my 'feelings' in here or whatever, she's crazy.

The only reason I agreed to do this at all is because I figure later on when I'm rich and famous, this book is gonne come in handy.

But for now I'm stuck in middle school with an bunch of morons.

Today is the first day of school, so I figured I might as well write in thes book to pass te time. Just don't expect me to be all 'Dear Diary' this and 'Dear Diary' that.

Diary of a Wimpy kid is ook wel bekend onder de titel 'Het leven van een loser'. 
Diary of a Wimpy kid al gelezen? We hebben nog veel meer verschillende titels van deze schrijver!

Dork Diaries:
New school. New crush. New mean girl. New diary, so Nikki can spill all about it!

Nikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular; she's a total dork! But Nikki's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friend and leaving her old lame ways in the past. But life is never that simple...

Follow Nikki's life trough sketches, doodles and diary entries as she starts her new school, battles with her mum for an iPhone and meets her arch-nemesis, the school's queen bee, Mackenzie.

Dork Diaries al gelezen? We hebben nog veel meer verschillende titels in de mediatheek.

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